With a few days to go, the Summit comes very close. I have booked my flight, hotel and transportation two weeks ago and then the hardest part came, putting together the agenda for the Summit. The Summit agenda consists of more than 500 sessions, split into labs, workshops, breakouts, generic sessions and other types of sessions. So the question was, which sessions do I really want to follow? After going through all the sessions multiple times, I think I have selected the sessions that are the most interested for me. It has become a nice mix of sessions that are exactly in my area of expertise.

Because I am a member of the Red Hat Accelerators there are additional sessions that are not on the Summit agenda. My agenda during the Summit is therefore well filled. And it all starts on Monday, the day before the Summit starts, when I arrive in Boston. I start with a meeting with the Accelerators followed by a reception for the Accelerators. Then I have a Red Hat Benelux welcome drink in an Irish pub. The following days there is also plenty organized for the Accelerators such as a joint breakfast, dinner and an evening of bowling. Summit panels have also been organized and a number of fun competitions. I think I don’t have to get bored during the week.

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