Future-proof Infrastructure

At LinProfs we are committed to an agile, cost-effective, fast and secure IT infrastructure. We strongly believe that IT becomes even more important over time. And for competitive advantage, innovation, growth, and quicker time-to-market is imperative for our customers. For that, we create future-proof infrastructure.

We care

We pay attention to our customers and employees. We are curious, listen to what the other person has to say and are always interested in the story behind: what drives our customers and employees? What is your success? LinProfs is convinced that durable success can only be achieved if there is mutual trust. We feel full responsibility for the activities we perform. We keep our promises, solve problems and strive for the perfect solution.

we share

We have a strong Open Source mindset because we believe that Open Source will benefit us all. Open Source is based on sharing information and that is crucial to maintain control and be up to date in every environment. “Open” also represents the “anytime-anywhere” strategy. Applications must be able to run on Multi Cloud like AWS and Azure, in private datacenters and on-premises at the same time.

Driven by our Open Source mindset, we build agile, cost-effective, fast and secure infrastructure solutions. We create a future-proof infrastructure for our customers and partners, as a solid basis for their business and new developments.

we solve

LinProfs is a knowledge intensive company. This means that our employees are constantly learning and getting trained, gaining new knowledge and testing the latest solutions, so that we can offer the best advice to our customers. But IT is becoming more complex time and again. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes our customers need help. With our in-depth knowledge of IT Infrastructure and Security we solve the problems so our customers can stay in control.