Cost Savings and Flexibility

A lot of entrepreneurs will now -more than ever- be preoccupied with the question, "Where are the opportunities?" The latest buzzword is "resilience," whereby companies with the highest resilience are very likely to come through this crisis well. After all, they have thought about Plan B and Plan C and are also capable of implementing those plans.

The key question remains whether you are able to quickly implement other solutions. How dependent are you on current contracts? Do you know when they expire? How dependent are you on the business software and are you able to make other choices?

And what is the role of IT in your business? Is it supportive? Then you need to standardize and cut costs! Is it part of a primary business process? Then make sure you can differentiate further!

Our knowledge of Open Source comes in very handy. Open Source is fast, secure and very cost effective. LinProfs specializes in the implementation, management and security of Hybrid Cloud infrastructures.

For example, we use Icinga, Grafana and Graylog for monitoring and logging. Mattermost is on our own server, so our chats remain in our own control. Ansible is used for automation, the Atlassian suite with Jira and Confluence for Scrum and documentation. And of course Red Hat Linux for critical infrastructures, AWS as the best public cloud.

We have applied many of these Open Source products in our OpenSIEM platform for Cyber Security Monitoring.

We also use pfSense, NoMachine, Elastic, of course Docker and Kubernetes, Snipe, Infection Monkey, and explore the use of Snyk in software development.

At LinProfs we use Open Source for everything, with the exception of office automation through Office365. As a result, we have low costs, are not tied to long term contracts and are agile and flexible.

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Open Source Solutions

Open Source is een term die standaard wordt gebruikt voor Open Source Software. Hierbij heeft de gebruiker van de software ook toegang tot de broncode. Dit geeft de gebruikers de mogelijkheid om de software aan te passen, te verbeteren, te verspreiden en zelfs te verkopen.

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