Cyber security

Security against cybercrime


24/7 monitoring of the IT infrastructure

Open source

Easily applicable in various system environments


Internal and external cyber security check

Integrated Cyber Defense
Anytime. Anywhere. Anyhow.

Monitoring Security. Mastering Risk.

The complete solution for Cyber Security Monitoring with an up-to-date overview of the risks and vulnerabilities.

Current overview

OpenSIEM is the complete solution for Cyber Security Monitoring. The platform creates an up-to-date overview of the risks and vulnerabilities within the organization through continuous monitoring. This keeps you as a company in control over the cybersecurity and threats.


OpenSIEM monitors not only external threats, but also internal threats. It monitors and detects hostilities and vulnerabilities within the IT infrastructure. These include servers that are not up to date as well as clicking on phishing mails.


OpenSIEM is modular and scalable and can be deployed flexibly on-prem, at a data center or in the cloud. This means that the latest cyber security innovations can also be deployed quickly and easily within your company. 


OpenSIEM is built on enterprise ready Open Source software from Red Hat and VMware-Carbon Black, our worldwide leading Open Source partners, so that we always have access to the latest techniques. 


We use the latest techniques to create a safe digital workspace.