Security as a Service

OpenSIEM's target group are companies and institutions which want to invest in a secure environment, without having to maintain the knowledge and skills, but want to remain “in control”. For this, we offer the Security as a Service.

The service not only provides a complete solution, but also the specialized knowledge of the LinProfs’ employees to solve problems.  Alle meldingen worden centraal gemonitord op ons Security Operations Center (SOC) en meteen geanalyseerd op mogelijke bedreigingen. Indien er sprake is van een mogelijke security breach, dan wordt de klant natuurlijk meteen geïnformeerd. 

The reports often relate to improvements in the software, installing new patches or attempts to break in. This leads to follow-up actions, such as preventively blocking IP ranges, installing patches or instructions to the software developers to improve the software.

All these measures ensure that the security of the environment remains up to date! 

Support Overview

OpenSIEM is more than just a Security Information & Event Monitoring system. It is a total package consisting of a risk analysis of the environment and the platform itself. We offer both Standard Support and Extended Support. 


Providing insight into and retaining the knowledge in the field of security in the organization. Being aware of the status of the security will immediately contribute to a more secure environment for the organization. It is a structural contribution to security control. 


This includes all daily cyber security activities. Reports related to, for example, vulnerabilities, log-in attempts or signaling suspicious IP addresses arrive on the central OpenSIEM platform where the data is analyzed.


This phase is aimed at analyzing the impact and preventing the break-in from spreading. 

When an incident actually occurs, action must be taken quickly. It may still be that there is no actual break-in, only there is enough evidence at this stage to launch an in-depth investigation. 


Often it is not clear what happened and sometimes a lot of time has to be spent in the in-depth analysis. 

Depending on the incident, the duration, costs and time for recovery are determined. This is done in consultation with the customer to avoid paying up-front costs for activities that may not be needed. 


The support overview consists of four parts and is divided into standard support and extended support. standard support en extended support. 

In the overview alongside, the division between standard support and extended support is made. standard support and extended support. standard support en extended support. 

Are there activities or parts that you do not see listed, but want to have carried out?

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