My name is Iulia and I live in the Canary Islands. I have known LinProfs since before its expansion to the Canary Islands, and a few months ago I finally got to know the whole team and the inner workings of the company in detail.

I come from an island where most of the job offers are directly related to tourism, everything that surrounds us here has to do with tourism, commerce and hospitality.

There are no great opportunities beyond this and if you don’t accept that fact and work at it, the only option you will always have is to go outside the Islands, with all that this entails.

I have left the previous job I had for the last five years and started working at LinProfs this year.

Since then, there is not a day that goes by that I am not surprised and amazed even more than I already knew how important a job is in life.

The importance in every way, in daily well-being, physical health, emotional health, personal growth and growth as a worker and as part of a team.

I have felt from the first day the abysmal difference with the jobs in the Canary Islands: how different is the way of doing everything, of supporting a person, of organizing and making sure that everything is executed in the most excellent way, offering a unique service to the client and also making sure that the employees are at all times happy and supported by their team and by their leader, that they feel valued and listened to but above all that at all times: they think about growing.

To grow as a person, to grow as a professional, to improve day by day and learn more and never have the feeling of “not being able to do something. To be aware that you learn from your mistakes… and learn a lot, but above all, to grow by learning from everyone, because knowledge is very high, and it is shared.

Everyone supports you, despite being very busy, they put aside their tasks and make you feel that they are there, they help you, they teach you and encourage you to continue and that you can be the best version of yourself, better every day.

I am convinced that the world would be a much better place if all people were like this.

Training is paramount at LinProfs and is taken very seriously. There are a series of minimum studies that you must have and others that you must pass, but it doesn’t stop there. Learning goes on, and there are no limits to grow, and be the best: I would say that it is a fundamental law of LinProfs to study hard and get better and better.

And this is the essence of stability and good emotional health. Feeling yourself useful, valued, improving day by day and being happy knowing that your work doesn’t limit you, doesn’t change you as a person but for the better, takes you on the path of growth and makes you know that there are no limits.

Being in a limiting job where you are required to be obedient and not thinking, can never be good if you are eager to learn, leaving a known and “comfortable” world makes us open to knowledge and development and we create the best version of ourselves, and this is what I have always wanted, since I was an adult.

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