Visibility is power

Collects data from each major OS (including cloud workloads) down to the kernel and derives host information with osquery.
Aggregates logs and alerts from various IT and host security tools. Monitor host activity in the context of your holistic attack surface with pre-configured dashboards and integrations.

Prevent threats at scale

Prevent and detect host-based threats with the same agent deployed to collect data. Protects deeply against ransomware and malware. Disrupts attacks by pairing advanced analytics with tailored response actions.
Detects anomalies with machine learning and automatically detects known threats. Gain value quickly through MITRE ATT&CK-aligned protections developed by Elastic Security Labs. Customise ML jobs and detection rules to protect your organisation.

Accelerate response and research

Quickly captures a developing attack by correlating diverse data sources. Examines the inner workings of any host and seamlessly accesses relevant context. Automates mundane processes to minimise MTTx and improve team efficiency.
Standardises workflows through built-in case management and third-party orchestration platform integrations. Corrects threats moving forward by invoking automated actions.

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