Endpoint deep protection

Secure your Windows, macOS and Linux systems. Stop ransomware before data is encrypted and block malware. Disrupt advanced threats with behaviour-based prevention. Leverage protections from Elastic Security Labs and a global user community.

Improve visibility from endpoint to cloud

Collects data from each major OS (including cloud workloads) down to the kernel and derives host information with osquery.

Aggregates logs and alerts from various IT and host security tools. Monitor host activity in the context of your holistic attack surface with pre-configured dashboards and integrations.

Highly Reliable detection

Generates actionable alerts by constantly correlating host activity with broader environmental data. Initiate threat searches based on anomalies detected through pre-designed machine learning jobs. Prepare for threats that tailor attacks to organisations like yours.

Quick Response

Empowers analysts with built-in context, interactive visualisations and a familiar terminal-style view for investigations. Gather more detail with host risk analysis, network packet analysis and osquery host inspection. Accelerate remediation with remote response actions such as process suspension and host isolation. Connects workflows with external orchestration tools.

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