Our Specialties


With LinProfs OpenSIEM Cyber Defence we deliver a state-of-the-art centralized and agnostic security monitoring platform that can run anytime, anywhere. Based on leading Open Source solutions such as Grafana, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Wazuh and FluentD, OpenSIEM can monitor any source of security monitoring such as Host or Network Based Intrusion Detection, Endpoint Detection and Response such as VMware Carbon Black Enterprise, or ESET and Antivirus software.

OpenSIEM can monitor any resource, as long as there is an API or a log file that can be read. Even hardware and office alarms can be monitored. OpenSIEM is a unique solution that provides one-security-monitoring-for-all offers. In this way, all security alerts from all connected devices and resources are managed in a single platform.

OpenSIEM can run stand-alone, or customers can connect to LinProfs' central OpenSIEM platform. Clients can choose to manage security alerts themselves or connect to our Cyber Security Services, as part of the Managed Service we offer to relieve our clients of the cyber security threat.

For us, the word "Open" has two meanings.

LinProfs is an acronym for "Linux Professionals." Linux -and Open Source- are still at the base of our knowledge, although we realize that our customers choose multiple solutions and vendors. Therefore we partner not only with Red Hat and AWS, but also with Microsoft, IBM and VMware Carbon Black, among others. We have a strong Open Source mindset because we believe Open Source can provide the most innovative, secure, flexible and cost-effective solutions to offer our customers.

But "Open" also stands for the "anytime-anywhere" strategy. Applications must be able to run simultaneously on Multi Cloud like AWS and Azure, in private data centers and on-premises. Our Open Hybrid Cloud solutions are based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ansible Automation. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the operating system, you choose a future-ready solution that allows you to move between different clouds and data centers. With Ansible Automation, you choose an agnostic solution (independent of the operating system) for automating your daily tasks. For now, and in the future.

Managed Services

We believe that there will always be an IT infrastructure where some parts are managed in the cloud, some in the office and some at your home. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the de facto standard. At office there will always be Wi-Fi connections, routers and network patches, just like in data centers or at home. Laptops, servers, firewalls, switches, modems and access points can be anywhere and must be managed in a centralized platform.

LinProfs offers Managed Services to relieve you of your maintenance and monitoring tasks. Our Managed Services also include Cyber Security Monitoring, which makes our offering unique. All maintenance and monitoring is handled via Ansible Automation. This makes daily tasks such as updating and monitoring the "health" of the infrastructure very efficient, resulting in very cost-effective solutions.