Our key values

Mutual trust

LinProfs is convinced that durable success can only be achieved if there is mutual trust. We feel full responsibility for the activities we perform. We keep our promises, solve problems and strive for the perfect solution.


We pay attention to our customers and employees. We are curious, listen to what the other person has to say and are always interested in the story behind it: What drives our customers and employees? What is your success?

Lifelong learning

LinProfs is a knowledge intensive company. This means that our employees are constantly learning. Gaining new knowledge every time and trying out the latest developments, so that we can offer the right advice. But we also learn from our customers every time. We want to offer our customers transparent choices, so they can make the best choice for themselves.


LinProfs offers sustainable solutions. Stable, efficient, safe. But with sustainability we also mean: a sustainable relationship with our clients and employees. We believe that we can only offer the best solution if we know our clients through and through. And we can only be a good employer if we know our employees inside out.